RFLP Analysis in CodonCode Aligner

Find the best enzymes for a restriction fragment length analysis and display the results in different ways.

In CodonCode Aligner you can see RFLP results as virtual gels, an aligned overview with colored cut sites, or as text table with fragment lengths:

Virtual Gel Result Aligned Samples with Color-Coded Cut Positions Table Showing Fragment Lengths



The images above each show the results for 3 enzymes. After choosing which enzymes to consider for the analysis, CodonCode Aligner gives you the option to also pick how many enzymes to display in the results: You can either display only the best enzyme, the 3 best enzymes, all with different cut patterns, or all enzymes.

It is simple to switch back and forth between the different result style options, or to change the enzymes. You can also run several RFLP analyses, for example with different enzymes, and see the results side by side.

All result views can be printed.


To learn more about RFLP analysis in CodonCode Aligner, look at the RFLP analysis tutorial.

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